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Consulting Excellence, Inc (ConX) was founded in August of 2001 by Michelle Saykally and Barbara Ansell for the purpose of helping companies build strong teams, deliver solid business solutions and implement tools and improve processes that make a positive difference. Our management technique and philosophy is based on the fact that aside from the customer, your team is the most important component of any project. We pride ourselves on helping our customers to build reusable teams and repeatable processes.

Michelle Saykally, PMP, MBA

Founder of ConX, has over 27 years in Information Technology delivering a full spectrum of business solutions for global corporations. Since starting ConX, Michelle’s primary focus has been building teams and defining and implementing processes and technologies that deliver measurable value to clients.

Barbara Ansell, PMP, MSS

Co-Founder of ConX, has in-depth experience in all aspects of information technology including over 25 years consulting experience with a strong emphasis on management of projects, clients and professional staff. As Co-Founder of ConX, Barbara has been instrumental in the overall development of ConX’s project management methodologies, and the management of key company projects.

We are very interested in any feedback or questions you may have. Our contact information is:

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Office Number: 626-447-2669 (CONX)
Fax Number: 626-447-0055

 – Michelle Saykally
bansell@ConXinc.com – Barbara Ansell