Project Snapshot

Project teams already know what works and what does not work effectively.  Team members do not always have a forum to reflect on, or voice, what they already know about project related issues.

Project Snapshot is a set of consulting services to help an organization improve project delivery.  It focuses on people, process, and technology to reduce the risks and pain associated with projects.  It improves the chances to have predictable results from projects.  It helps an organization build reusable project teams and repeatable processes.

rocket 5 with landscape (canvas version)Project Snapshot provides an independent assessment of a project.  It applies to projects that are just starting up, projects in flight, or projects that have completed.  It is quick, specific, and focused.  For projects that are just starting, the goal is to avoid problems and minimize risks.  For projects in flight or completed, the goal is to capture lessons learned and develop an action plan to avoid (repeating) problems, stop the pain, and deliver a product that satisfies your customer.

First, we assess the situation using one or more tools and techniques in order to find the root cause of project problems.  These include:

  • A confidential on-line survey tailored to the organization
  • Interviews with project team members, customers, and management either one-on-one or as a group
  • Facilitated workshop with team members (one or more sessions depending on size and diversity of team)

Second, after assessment, ConX provides feedback to management and (if appropriate) to the project team.  Feedback can include:

  • Written summary of findings
  • Workshop or meeting with management and project team members to review findings.  The level of formality and forum is determined by the customer

Third, feedback is turned into action plans.  Working with management and the project team, establish priorities and responsibilities.  We recommend that the “top 3” issues are addressed quickly.

Some action items can be implemented quickly; others may require time and an organizational commitment to change.  In either case, implementation of action plans requires a company’s whole-hearted commitment to address and fix dysfunctional situations.

Fourth, follow-up and review/measure results of action plan.  This can be done using a survey, interviews, or a follow-up workshop.


Project Snapshot is customized based on the Customer’s requirements.  The benefit of introducing the Project Snapshot approach will: